At Derwen Deg we aim to provide new and exciting experiences for the children on a daily basis. Our room leaders choose and plan a wide range of activities which are based around a theme or topic of the month. The activities are aimed to encourage each individual child to develop their own sense of confidence and creativity. The staff aim to guide the children towards making healthy choices, keeping safe and building on their emotional well being.

OPENING HOURS- 7:30- 18:00
Mondays to Fridays (excluding bank holidays)
Half day 7:30- 13:00/ 13:00- 18:00 £33
Full day 7:30- 18:00 £45

The Rooms

Each room is thoughtfully laid out to suit the age of the children with a variety of toys and resources to keep them busy all day. We are also part of Healthy pre schools, Designed to smile and Active story time.

Siani Flewog Room (3months- 18months)

The Siani Flewog Room can hold 9 infant with 3 members of staff and has lots of different areas for the babies to enjoy safely. There are daily activities which are created especially for the age range, such as sensory play and messy play, to ensure all the babies can take part in the experiences offered. The staff work around each infants individual daily routine in terms of nap times and bottle feeds to support the home routine as well as possible. The room has a prep machine to prepare bottles and a storage system to hold nappies and wipes. There is also a quiet room containing cots for the infants to nap. We also fully support baby lead weaning for any infant starting the first steps towards solid foods and are flexible with preparing different snacks to suit.

Pili pala Room (18months- 2 and a half)

The Pili Pala Room is the first steps for the infants in become independent little toddlers. This room focuses on offering a caring environment similar to the baby room to help with the transition, whilst encouraging their self confidence through a range of activities. The activities here are planned by the room leader to suit the children’s’ abilities and offer exciting ways for them to explore freely. Circle time is also done each morning with singing and name association to help prepare them for future experiences in the next room. There is lots of exciting resources on offer, from toys that suit their age to a chest full of welsh books to chose from. Comfortable mattresses and clean bedding is also offered for nap times.

Wiwerod Room (2 and a half- 4)

The Wiwerod room can hold 11 children with 2-3 members of staff, depending on the age range. This room is more focused on preparing the children for their transition into main stream school with daily activities that support the foundation phase. The children enjoy circle time and educational activities which are designed around a theme by the room leader and also enjoy going out for walks when possible. There are plenty of fun free play areas for the children to enjoy some independence and socialising with friends. We fully support children who are toilet training and have toilet/ changing facilities to suit the age range. We are also able to currently offer a school pick up/ drop off system within the local area for children who have started attending main stream education.

Daily Routine

We offer breakfast, lunch and a small tea at the nursery and cater for all dietary requirements, allergies and pured foods for babies. Lunch is served between 11:30- 12 and tea is served between 2:30- 3:00. (Our menus can be seen in the gallery section)
The Pili Pala Room and the Wiwerod Room nap straight after lunch but are always flexible towards the children’s needs.

30 Hours free child care

During the 39 weeks of the school term, the Welsh government scheme will cover a maximum of 20 hours of childcare in addition to the 10 hours of early years nursery education. More information can be found on the Conwy County or Welsh Government website.